Fun On The Farm

Some of our calves, which we use for working our horses and sell for beef or for breeding in the Spring.

Belle Starr with Burning Bush

Sadie Mae, Belle Starr's full sister and litter mate!

Tequila Patron - a "rescue" donkey from the Arizona BLM. Tequila's main job is companion to two mares. He is TOTALLY dedicated to them, and will go to great lengths to protect them!

Belle Starr found a nice place to relaxe.

C.W., my miniature spotted jackass from Texas. A Christmas gift from Frank with the assistance of our friend, Chris Wonderley, who found and delivered C.W. to me. C.W. is named after Chris.

"Sage", our Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler Cross from Wyoming. Sage is our travel companion to penning competitions

The Farm covered with a blanket of snow.

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