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Glowin' Dreams Farm has been the home of Frank and Linda Sue (Johnson) Goodwin, since April 1992. The farmhouse and 60 acres have been in the Goodwin family since 1952 when Frank's parents, Walter and Margaret Goodwin, purchased the farm as a base for Walter's well drilling business. Frank and Linda purchased the farm from Margaret in 1992 and named it "Glowin' Dreams Farm"--a name chosen for a couple of reasons: The realization of a childhood dream of having a horse and farm for Linda coming true, and in honor of Linda's first horse, purchased in 1992, "Shys Magic Glow." While other people look at maintaining the farm and horses as "work", Frank and Linda view it as quality time spent together. They value their time in the barn, cleaning stalls and working horses, as this is time spent discussing plans, problems and just "catching up" on their day.

Over the years, many changes have been made to the original barn. First the outside wall to the four stalls was removed and a wide walkway with four new stalls, each with a run out access, were added. A 60 x 150 indoor arena was built a few years later behind the barn, complete with two runouts, an overhead viewing area, two stalls, a hitching rail, and benches for observers. The arena has been named "Shyster Arena" after "Too Shy To Rap", a beautiful dun yearling out of Glow. "Shyster", as she was called, developed OCD in her hocks and was successfully operated on at Tufts University School of Vet. The day she was to come home, she coliced. She had to be euthanized a few days later. The arena was to be part of her rehab after her OCD surgery. A couple of years ago, the indoor arena was connected to the barn. "The Annex", as it is called, is in memory of Linda's father, Herb Johnson, who spent his last year and half living on the farm in his mobile home. He enjoyed watching the horses through his windows, but always worried about Linda being out in the weather taking care of the horses. Now, with The Annex, there is complete access to all horses without going outside. The Annex also allows for two over-sized stalls (called "Princess Alley" and occupied by Snake and Joy), a larger tack and grain room, and inside storage for the tractors and accessories.

Frank has been involved with horses since an early age, and was very active with the 4-H club. He showed successfully all over Maine and at Eastern States. His riding discipline is western, and he is an avid team penner, competing locally and with the US Team Penning Association (USTPA). Frank joined the US Air Force in 1967 and retired as a Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) after serving 25 years in 1992. He returned to his home in Livermore, Maine, and works for MetLife as a sales representative for insurance, annuities and investments.

Linda learned to ride hunters while they were stationed in England from 1989 -1992. She enjoyed jumping hedges and ditches in pursuit of the baying hounds while enjoying the English countryside. As a little girl, she was always the one on Santa's knee asking for a pony. The daughter of an active-duty Air Force sergeant and living on base in government quarters made this dream an impossibility. Later, when she was in high school, Linda discovered a riding stable in Rye, NH, where she would go and trail ride with friends whenever she could. The dream of owning her own horse was finally fulfilled when the Goodwins returned from England and purchased their farm. She purchased her first horse, a quarter horse mare named Shys Magic Glow (Shy Prescription x Miss Southern Glow) in May of 1992. That was the start of the herd, which has steadily grown since then. Although she still likes her English saddles, Linda spends more time in her western saddle working her horses on cows, and partners with Frank in team penning. (Visit the team penning page for photos and information.)

Frank and Linda are founders of the Central Maine Team Penning Association, a club established in 1995 in the dining room of their home. Frank has served as vice-president and president. Linda served as the secretary of the organization for nine years and stepped down in 2005 because of other commitments. They now are active members with the US Team Penning Association (USTPA) and have competed in Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio and Louisiana. (See Team Penning Page) Linda is active as a director with Maine Quarter Horse Association and served as 1st vice president and president of the Association.. The Goodwins are interested in bringing Ranch Horse Versatility to Maine, and are working closely with the Maine Quarter Horse Association to do so.

Standing at Glowin' Dreams is Color By Texas, a Chestnut/Tobiano paint stallion. The Goodwins also own and stand AQHA Reserve World Champion Colonel Fritz Meyers. Visit the stallion pages for more information and photos. The farm offers quality bred horses, bred for the show ring, performance, or backyard horse-lover. Visitors are welcomed to the farm, which is very easy to get to. E-mail glowindreams@yahoo.com if you have any questions about horses for sale, booking to Color By Texas or Colonel Fritz Meyers, or any other information we can provide you.

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